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I know something about you without having met you: you love strategy games. (If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t have clicked on an article about poker strategy.) Whether its chess, Magic: The Gathering, or League of Legends, you’ve … Slow Playing vs Fast Playing Revealed It's Really tricky to know when to fast play or slow play when you have a big hand in poker. Use these tricks (and this infographic) to get MAX value. 5 Quick Guidelines for Playing Versus C-Bets on the Flop

Texas Hold'em Poker - Beginner Guide to Limit Poker

Tom Dwan (Durrrr) has been playing Isildur1 since 2009. These are 2 of the best players in all of online poker. Online vs. Live Poker | Flop Turn River Remember, this is not online poker; there is no magical pot-size or chip-count number hovering magically over the table. You are responsible for knowing both your opponent’s stack sizes and the pot size at any time. Rozbor handy: Dan Kelly vs. Brett Richey | PokerNews

Eqilibrium Approximation Quality of Current No-Limit Poker Bots

Have you noticed suspicious looking behaviour from the people you play online poker against? They might not be people at all, but online poker bots instead. HU TP vs xcxr – Raise Your Edge! Poker Stars, (30/60 blinds, 6 ante) No Limit Hold’em Tournament, 2 Players Poker Tools[/url] Powered By Holdem Manager[/url] – The Ultimate Poker Software[/url] Suite. Playing with play money vs. Real money - Online Poker I find it way less exciting to play with play money , but im a beginner and im not very good, any suggestions?

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In Pot Limit and No Limit games, the games are referred to by the size of their blinds (for example, a $1/$2 Hold'em game has a small blind of $1 and a big blind ...